Cialis – Knowing What to Expect

The most important thing you can expect from Cialis is a proven ED medication that works FAST with fewer side effects than other ED medications. When taken as directed, Cialis will begin working within 30 minutes to an hour, with effects lasting up to two days! This does not mean you will be ready to go for two days straight, but rather Cialis will remain in your system ready to go whenever you are, but only when you need it. Cialis is the ED medication that millions of men can count on, time and time again.

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Holidays often Lead to a Celebration in the Bedroom, Often with the Help of ED Drugs

Erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are among the most popular prescription medications in the world. They are prescribed to millions of men each year to help treat the symptom of erectile dysfunction, which describes when a man is frequently unable to have sexual intercourse due to inadequate erections – either they do not last long enough, or are not strong enough for sex.

Although these drugs are always popular, they seem to be filled more often around certain holidays. When you think of holiday erections, Valentine's Day likely comes to mind. While Valentine's Day is certainly on the list, it is surprisingly not the number one holiday for erectile drug prescription orders. The most popular romantic holiday is actually Christmas, with prescription orders and Internet search quantities increasing the week before and continuing until Christmas even.

In second place, the month of January is the most popular time. It is hypothesized that these times are the most popular times for sex due to the cold weather outside and everyone being home for the holidays and stuck indoors. Everyone wants to stay warm and what better way than with more sex!

Here are the three least popular holidays for sex:

3) Thanksgiving Day – perhaps all of the food eaten this day makes people more likely to sleep than partake in other under the sheet activities, but this day comes in last on our list. Family members are also likely to put a damper on the mood.
2) St. Patrick's Day – this day is historically a "party day". People are probably too busy going out and around town to parties, drinking, and having fun with friends to have time for sex.
1) Halloween – most people see this as a kid's holiday, and spend this time trick or treating, making jack-o-lanterns, and having parties – not cuddling alone together.

And here are the five most popular days for an increase in sexual activity:

5) Easter – this day sees an 120% increase in search inquiries for erectile dysfunction drugs. Perhaps it's the long weekend, or the idea that love is in the air during the spring time.
4) Mother's Day – this day sees an 150% increase in search inquiries. Perhaps people are treating their spouse to a thank you surprise? Or perhaps men are searching for erectile dysfunction drugs for help in making sex more likely on this holiday!
3) Valentine's Day – everybody's default for romantic holiday is number 3 on our list with a 210% increase in search inquiries. Perhaps dinner, candy, and wine make people want to take it easy instead of sex.
2) January – as stated before, the month of January is the second on our list with a 250% increase in search inquiries.
1) Christmas – and finally, Christmas. Christmas and the week before are number one on our list, and search inquiries increase a whopping 300% for this holiday.

Did our list match what you thought beforehand? Most people will probably still think of Valentine's Day as the one holiday dedicated to sex, but as you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to make a holiday even more special. Don't forget about anniversaries and birthdays too! It's impossible to figure out the numbers for these important dates, but we bet they beat most, if not all, holidays!

If you are interested in spicing up your love life with Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra, contact your doctor for an appointment today. Erectile dysfunction drugs are available by prescription only, but they are sure to make your sex life more satisfactory, no matter what the day of the year.