Cialis – Knowing What to Expect

The most important thing you can expect from Cialis is a proven ED medication that works FAST with fewer side effects than other ED medications. When taken as directed, Cialis will begin working within 30 minutes to an hour, with effects lasting up to two days! This does not mean you will be ready to go for two days straight, but rather Cialis will remain in your system ready to go whenever you are, but only when you need it. Cialis is the ED medication that millions of men can count on, time and time again.

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'Use as Required' Not Always the Most Successful Choice with Erectile Dysfunction Medication

Cialis use nowadays is more or less recurrent with men who need a quick and proven boost of function in their otherwise limited erection – an always ready medication that is intended to work on an 'as required' basis. Not unlike the use of asthma medication when one begins to feel the symptoms or effects of an asthma attack, erectile dysfunction drugs are generally called upon when sexual activity is desired but physical limitations prevent us from being able to adequately participate.

As a society, we generally have almost anything we want available and within relative ease of acquirement - it seems that our behaviour has evolved in a way that when we need something, we get it. A simple headache may elicit the consumption of a painkiller; tiredness or lack of focus (which can generally be solved with sufficient sleep) is dealt with by reaching for a coffee. When one desires a sexual experience but are able to gain or maintain an appropriate level of erectile function, a typical response may be to reach over for an erectile dysfunction pill like you'd reach into your drawers for a condom – an easy and almost automatic response. However, recent research has identified exciting new factors in the use of Cialis that can aid your sexual activities and enjoyment.

Sex is not always a planned and organised activity – one of the most exciting things about sexual intercourse is often the spontaneity of the activity. Carnal desires blinding your throat processes as you grope and pull at clothing, excitement building up in your mind and as your lower clothing is shed….nothing. Little to no response, a semi erect bastion of disappointment – your erectile dysfunction has made itself acutely present. If you have problems with sexual performance, these spur of the moment sexual activities are commonly a thing of fantasy or past memories. Sexual encounters are now given a time frame, between deciding on sex and waiting for your erectile dysfunction medication to work.

Exciting research however may make this factor a thing of the distant past. In the division of Urology at the University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine, Dr. Edward D. Kim has been researching the physiological effects of regular and daily use of Cialis in males with an incomplete response to similar drugs. In blind trials in which volunteers aged over 18, who had pre-existing erectile dysfunction and incomplete responses to erectile dysfunction drugs, were given doses between 2.5mg and 5mg daily, as well as other control groups being given placebo medication. Results were incredible, demonstrating that the regular and daily use of a drugis not only effective at aiding in sexual performance, but also returns the use of the penis to normal erectile function when medicating procedures are followed.

With the use of drugs to aid in solving erectile dysfunction becoming a far more common occurrence, it stands to reason that some users with not see the results they are expected – however these new findings demonstrate that different dosing patterns can quite easily return your erectile capabilities to a standard baseline. With daily use, Cialis can quite easily be the wonder drug that brings spontaneity and excitement back into your sexual lifestyle.